A shocking incident took place on May 25 that involved an 11-year-old girl who was horrified to death when her own 50- year- old grandfather tried to rape her near her family’s home in Soi Thung Klom Tan Man 13, East Pattaya.

According to her parents, Mr Aek (alias), 31, Ms Biu, 21, Ae, (alias) went to call her younger brother, who was playing in Grandpa Chao’s room. Ae did not find her brother but instead found herself in a nightmare.’… Grandpa Chao, as per her statement, Grandpa Chao forced Ae to enter his room, tied her hands and feet with a white rope, and tried to assault her sexually. The 7-year-old brother arrived just in time to save her life.

Initially, Nong Ae kept the incident private due to her traumatized state and fear of Grandpa Chao’s threats. The truth was only revealed when her older sister noticed her distressing behaviour. The family of Nong Ae was finally made aware of the harrowing experience on May 13. The parents took their daughter to Nongprue Police Station without hesitation to file a report. Despite medical examination, there was no evidence of rape as if nothing had happened.

The situation soon escalated the following day when Grandpa Chao again tried to break into the family’s house, probably to commit harm to Nong Ae. However, thankfully, some passers-by heard her wails and put a stop to the Grandpa sinister plans.

Ae’s parents visited Grandpa Chao’s house to confront him about the allegations, but he was not at home at the time. After this, the parents went to the landlady, who they employed. The landlady denied the accusations, citing Grandpa Chao’s 15-year tenure as an employee and suggesting his significant connections within the community.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence and initial fear, the parents are determined to move forward and seek justice for their daughter. The investigation has been stagnant for the last ten days. Their plea is urgent for Khunying Pavena Hongsakul, Chairperson of the Paventa Foundation for Children and Women, to take action against the perpetrator and ensure justice for Nong Ae.

The parents, Mr. Aek (alias) and Ms. Biu (alias), hold up the police report and a photograph of the alleged perpetrator, Grandpa Chao, during their emotional plea for justice

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