An enraged foreigner climbed into the front seat of a taxi and began choking a taxi driver who told the passenger that smoking was not allowed in the vehicle’s cabin.

An Austrian national has been charged with assaulting a taxi driver who reportedly told a foreigner not to smoke in the vehicle. An argument between the driver and his passenger resulted in an accident, and the taxi collided with another car.

The Naewna publication reported, citing Phuket deputy police chief Col Pasakorn Sonthikul, that the incident occurred in Phuket’s Thalanga district.

According to taxi driver Wuthiporn Chaiyamongkol, the driver headed along the customer’s route with a terminus in Chalong after picking up passenger Gernot Leoben at Phuket airport. During the journey, the passenger lit a cigarette inside the vehicle. In response, the driver informed the customer about the taxi smoking ban.

In response, the angry 59-year-old Austrian climbed from the back seat to the front passenger seat and pinned Wuthiporn in the driver’s seat, grabbing him firmly by the neck and began choking the smoking opponent.

The unexpected act of the passenger caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. As a result, the taxi collided with an MG car standing at the traffic lights.

The MG car driver, who identified himself as Thanongsak, said he got out of the vehicle after the collision and heard the taxi driver calling for help.

Thanongsak said that when he saw the passenger holding the taxi driver by the neck, he intervened with other witnesses about the accident to help the taxi driver free himself and mitigate the situation.

Phuket taxi driver attacked by Austrian tourist for banning smoking in the vehicle’s cabin

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