A British amateur skydiving enthusiast crashed after falling from the 29th floor of a condominium in Pattaya due to a parachute that failed to deploy

A British national died in Thailand after skydiving from the 29th floor of a condominium in Pattaya, but his parachute failed to open, the Khaosod publication reported.

After receiving a report that a foreigner had died after falling from a height at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, Pattaya police officers and rescue workers went to the scene, a condominium in Pattaya’s Naklya district.

The incident occurred near the exit of Building B, where arriving police officers found the body of 33-year-old Briton Nathi Odinson lying on the ground. The deceased’s body was wearing a blue circular parachute. Friends of base jumper Nati and condominium residents watched in shock.

Kanet Chanson, an employee of the condominium, said that when he heard a thump on the ground, he thought a broken branch from a tree had fallen. However, when a woman passing by screamed, he ran to investigate.

On the spot, Kanet saw a man who had fallen from a height and hit a tree branch before collapsing on the ground and giving out his breath. After recovering from the shock, the condominium employee reported the incident to the authorities.

Mr Nati parked on the street, and when there were no other people around, he secretly entered the condominium,” the employee said. The British man climbed to the 29th floor of the building and skydived while a friend of the man filmed the incident.

“Many times, I’ve seen Nati sneak into a condominium and jump. It’s like they’re creating some video content. But this time, the parachute failed to open, and the man fell into a tree and hit the ground and then died,” Kanet said.

A friend of the deceased British man who shot the video was taken to Banglamung police station for questioning. Investigators also reviewed CCTV footage and worked with police officers from the Chonburi Provincial Forensic Science Unit to investigate the case.

Pattaya police have concluded that the victim, British citizen Nathy Odinson, 33, who owns the website Nathy’s Sky Photography, personally asked a friend to film a skydiving jump from a Pattaya condominium to produce video content on the subject of base jumping – skydiving from high-rise objects. During the jump, the parachute failed to open, and the Briton died, suffering injuries incompatible with life after hitting the ground.

Friends and fans, having learnt of the death, expressed their condolences on Nati’s social media pages.

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