The body of a hanged Ukrainian man with his hands tied behind his back has been found in a durian plantation on the Thai resort island of Koh Samui.

The body of a hanged Ukrainian man with his hands tied behind his back was found in a private durian plantation in a remote area of the Thai resort island of Samui. Police officers, forensic experts, a doctor and rescuers were called to the scene, the Daily Manager reports.

A four-wheel drive pick-up truck was needed to transport the investigation team to the private durian plantation, as the tragic accident occurred in a remote area of the island on a steep gradient.

The body of a foreigner, dressed only in shorts, was found hanging by his neck with a green nylon rope from the branch of a durian tree. The man’s face was covered by a red T-shirt, and his hands were secured behind his back with a cable tie. The foreigner’s feet were wearing black sports trainers.

On the ground near the feet of the deceased was an overturned chair, which was probably used for hanging. According to rescuers, the foreigner’s body had begun to decompose, and a horrible stench emanating from the body was spreading around the neighbourhood.

Also at the scene, police found and added a wallet containing Thai baht, a Ukrainian passport, a Thai driving licence, dark glasses, a wristwatch and a packet of painkiller medication to the physical evidence. Police believe the man died five or six days before the body was discovered.

After examining the evidence found, police identified the foreigner as D. M. (name withheld at the request of relatives), a 32-year-old Ukrainian national registered on Samui Island.

Local residents told authorities that the area where the body was found is remote and the area is only visited by durian plantation workers. After smelling a strong stench, the workers decided to investigate the cause of the foul odour and discovered the body of the foreigner. They immediately informed the police.

During the preliminary investigation, it turned out that the Ukrainians lived on the island of Samui in a hotel where groups of Ukrainian tourists often stayed. According to compatriots, D. lived on Samui for several years and, as known to acquaintances, suffered from severe depression.

A CCTV camera recorded the moment when a man in a red T-shirt hired a taxi to take the man to the foot of Tha Sok mountain, from where the Ukrainian would go to a durian plantation.

The number of Ukrainians in Thailand is growing due to the warm atmosphere and acceptable cost of living. Ukrainians are travelling to Thailand to work in the hotel and tourism business, taking advantage of the demand in tourist destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya and Samui, which are teeming with Russian-speaking tourists.

In addition, some Ukrainians prefer to live in Thailand in retirement because of the relaxed lifestyle. And despite challenges such as language barriers and adapting to a new environment, Ukrainians find Thailand a desirable and dynamic place to live.

Samui is a popular tourist resort in Thailand, attracting those looking for a combination of relaxation and active holidays: there are opportunities for diving, snorkelling and trekking. The bustling nightlife, including beach bars and nightclubs, is also considered the island’s main attraction.

Although tourism remains the mainstay of the island’s economy, the island has retained an impressive amount of natural beauty and traditional culture. Samui Island offers a wide range of experiences for visitors seeking a tropical holiday.

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