A Ukrainian man who was left without money trashed a Patong police station due to a nervous breakdown after police officers sheltered a Ukrainian man

A Ukrainian national vandalised and damaged public and private property at the Patong police station, allegedly because he was left with no money and could not pay for his ticket back to Ukraine, the Phuket Express reported, citing Patong police.

According to information provided by law enforcement officials, the Ukrainian citizen faced financial difficulties that led to a deterioration of his emotional state, manifested by nervousness and mental instability. The problems are related to the lack of the necessary funds to return to his home country, which has been a source of stress and anxiety for the Ukrainian.

Over the past few days, the unnamed Ukrainian citizen has been staying at the police station, where police officers have been providing the man with basic necessities, including food and water. Joint efforts by police officers and representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy are aimed at finding a way to return the man to his home country.

However, on Sunday, 14 January, the Ukrainian man initiated a scandalous incident and caused a public outcry by trashing the Patong police station. It is believed that the nervous breakdown was probably caused by the man’s mental disorder related to financial difficulties.

The man damaged property at the police station and frightened those around him. After the incident, the Ukrainian man, who was in a state of mental breakdown, was taken to Patong Hospital. There, the man was given psychiatric medication to stabilise his emotional state and ensure the safety of the patient and others.

The Ukrainian man continues to remain at the Patong medical facility. However, uncertainty remains as to who will cover the costs of treatment and pay the bills. According to information provided by the Patong police, the Ukrainian man has no financial means. There is not even one baht.

Patong police officers continue to work with representatives from the Ukrainian Embassy to try to find a way to bring the man back to his home country. Attempts are also being made to contact relatives or friends in Ukraine for further support and assistance.

A Ukrainian national vandalised and damaged public and private property at a Patong police station

The number of stranded Russian and Ukrainian citizens in Phuket has been increasing since the conflict between the two countries began. Many people are trying to avoid involvement in the conflict for various reasons, preferring to stay in Thailand while facing financial problems.

Given the current circumstances and the mobilisation taking place in Ukraine, there are difficulties in deporting or returning Ukrainian citizens to their home country,” the publication said.

In September last year, a Russian tourist in a state of severe alcohol intoxication missed his return flight from the resort island to his home country and was forced to spend 14 days in the international terminal of Phuket airport.

Airport staff found the Russian in the international terminal in a state of severe alcohol intoxication. The man also had no money to buy a new ticket or at least to support himself while his relatives bought tickets.

For the next two weeks, airport staff, representatives of the Phuket Relief Centre and the Phuket Tourist Police worked together to take care of the stranded man. When the Russian man required medical attention for an eye infection, he was taken to Thalang Hospital where eye drops were prescribed.

Representatives of the Tourist Assistance Centre and tourist police officers provided the Russian man with material assistance to purchase medication and also bought food at the airport.

“The Tourist Assistance Centre does not have a budget for financial support for stranded tourists. Assistance in each specific case depends on the conditions, behaviour and the tourists’ consent to cooperate,” the assistance centre said.

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