Investigating the reasons for the suicide of a Thai woman, the Thai police arrested a Russian citizen providing services for trading on the foreign exchange market

A Russian national who ran a company that provided customers with intermediary services for trading on the foreign exchange market has been arrested in Pattaya on charges of providing payment services without authorisation. Police turned their attention to the Russian man’s company while investigating the reasons behind the suicide of a Thai woman, the Khaosod newspaper reported.

Relatives of Navaporn, a Thai woman who committed suicide in 2022, told investigators that the reason for the suicide was due to huge losses. The woman lost more than 20 million baht on foreign exchange trading through the suspect’s company.

Police officers detained a Russian suspect on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court

When the financial flows of the suspect company were checked, it was found that the company’s turnover exceeded 100 billion baht in three years. The Chonburi Provincial Criminal Court then immediately issued an arrest and search warrant for the suspects.

Police officers detained the suspect from Russia based on the arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court

Police officers detained a Russian suspect on an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court.

On the fourth of April, officers of the Economic Crimes Unit of the Central Bureau of Investigation went to the office and homes of a suspect and detained a Russian citizen, 40-year-old Alexei Wegman, on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the Provincial Criminal Court.

The Russian is charged with ‘jointly operating a supervised payment services business, which is a service of accepting payments by electronic means without authorisation’.

Following the arrest, police officers searched two houses owned by the suspect in Chonburi province. During the search, documents related to the company were seized. The 22 items included 7 laptops, 3 phones, 6 electronic cards, 14 bank accounts, 4 cheque books and 9 Secure Pass/Tokens.

Central Bureau of Investigation officers searched the home of a Russian suspect for evidence related to the company

Alexei Wegman is suspected of running a company that received customer funds and provided intermediary services for forex currency trading. Clients registered on the company’s website and participated in currency trading, which caused significant damage and resulted in huge amounts owed by the clients.

The suspected Russian national denies the charges.

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