Aquaverse Water Park in Pattaya has opened the attraction ‘Ghostbusters: The Ice Empire, which coincides’ with the release of the film of the same name.

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse in Pattaya has unveiled the world’s first themed attraction, ‘Ghostbusters: Ice Empire’, which takes theme park entertainment to a whole new level.

The theme park is just 20 minutes south of Pattaya in Bang Sarai, a bustling tourist area known for luxury beach resorts and fine dining.

The opening of the new attraction is timed to coincide with the release of the film Ghostbusters: Empire of Ice’ and is expected to increase visitor interest significantly. This is a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the world of their favourite characters and storylines outside of the cinema.

The park introduces a ‘Ghostbusters’ car ride that uses advanced technology to create a realistic and engaging experience. Participants travelling in vehicles matching the theme and characters of the film will encounter ghost holograms and special effects that vividly recreate scenes from the movie.

The attraction uses projection mapping technology to transform the environment into vivid scenes from ‘Ghostbusters: Empire of Ice’ including icy landscapes and haunted areas.

Combined with the Dolby Atmos surround sound system, the attraction provides a complete audio experience that envelops passengers in the film soundtrack and ambient sounds, creating a truly immersive audio and visual experience.

The ride is designed to provide thrills, especially when lit up at night, adding a touch of mystery and excitement and enhancing the atmosphere of the journey.

In addition, exclusive Ghostbusters souvenirs and themed photo shoots, available only at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse, add to the charm, allowing visitors to take home unique souvenirs and memories.

The arrival of the ground-breaking attraction has many benefits for the tourism sector in and around Pattaya. The Aquaverse attracts international and local tourists looking for unique entertainment options, making Pattaya one of the leading theme parks.

The attraction has the potential to boost local tourism, increase the number of visitors to the area and stimulate economic growth by increasing revenue for local establishments.

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