A sign in front of the entrance to a Buddhist temple toilet in Thailand has sparked outrage from Chinese condemning discrimination against Chinese tourists.

A sign in front of the toilet entrance of a Thai temple has sparked anger from Chinese internet users who claim the meaning of the inscription discriminates against Chinese tourists. The sign, which urges visitors to the temple to keep the facilities clean, has Thai, English and Chinese reminders.

While Thai and English read ‘Please maintain cleanliness’ without elaboration, the Chinese reminder explicitly stated: ‘Chinese tourists, please keep clean’.

Asia Wan reported that a Chinese tourist who recently visited Thailand posted a photo of the sign on social media, wondering why compatriots were being targeted. The photo soon went viral and sparked a flurry of comments from angry Chinese users.

    ‘I hope Chinese people will now think twice before travelling to Thailand,’ declares the comment that received the most positive reactions at publication.

‘The text in English only asks visitors to keep it clean; obviously, the Chinese text is aimed at Chinese tourists, without special clarification.’

However, some users believe that the reminder came about for a reason, but because of the behaviour of Chinese tourists abroad in general and Thailand in particular.

‘As a Chinese, I feel humiliated that some Chinese tourists don’t flush toilets, spit wherever they go, litter and talk loudly.’

‘Affluent people like to go abroad, but the bad behaviour of Chinese tourists will affect future generations,’ opined a user reflecting on the centuries.

In the past, Chinese authorities have paid attention to tourists’ behaviour abroad and issued particular guidelines on overseas behaviour. In 2013, China’s National Tourism Administration issued a 64-page brochure instructing Chinese tourists on proper behaviour abroad.

Among the guidelines are not to shout in public, flush the toilet after use and not to defecate in public.

The recommendations came after then Vice Premier Wang Yang commented that the ‘uncivilised behaviour’ of some Chinese tourists abroad was damaging China’s image.

The official reportedly said, ‘They talk loudly in public, carve characters on tourist attractions, cross the road at red traffic lights, spit wherever they go and do some other uncivilised acts.’

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