A British tourist who witnessed a street fight between a group of Thai teenagers and a foreigner in Phuket intervened in the conflict and was stabbed in the chest.

A fight broke out between a foreigner and a group of Thai teenagers at Soi Bangla, a popular entertainment area in Patong’s Kathu neighbourhood in Phuket. A British man who witnessed the fight and tried to intervene in the conflict was stabbed under his left rib, the Khaosod publication reported.

The incident took place on the side of the road near a convenience store, where the injured British citizen named Charlie went for help. Locals and foreigners at the scene gave the British man first aid. The injured man was then taken to Patong Hospital.

A British citizen named Charlie sought help at a convenience store where police and rescue workers were called to take the injured man to hospital

CCTV footage shows a foreigner wearing a white shirt and trousers, accompanied by a Thai companion, getting into a scuffle with a group of Thai teenagers on Soi Bangla at 04:32 am on 18 May.

An argument broke out, and the conflict gradually moved to an alleyway that locals call Soi Lao. The fight continued on the side of the road,’ said Patong Police Investigation Division inspector Lt Col Chanan Mekchai, who examined CCTV footage.

Minutes after the conflict began, Charlie, dressed in a black T-shirt and black shorts, approached. Seeing the fight, the Briton tried to intervene and stop the conflict. At this point, a commotion ensued, after which the conflicting men ran out of Soi Lao.

The British man was stabbed and rushed to a nearby convenience store to seek help, where he collapsed and bled to death. Thais and foreigners who witnessed the incident immediately administered first aid and called the police. Rescuers who arrived then took the injured Charlie to hospital.

A shop employee who was present at the scene said that the injured Briton ran into the shop and collapsed in front of the counter in a pool of blood. At that point, the British man did not say anything, only coughing up blood.

The scene of a fight between foreigners and a group of Thai teenagers at Soi Bangla, a popular entertainment area in Patong’s Kathu district in Phuket.

When the man’s shirt was removed, a puncture wound on the left side of his rib cage appeared to have been caused by a sharply sharpened metal object. A blow from a glass bottle also punctured the British man’s head.

The Thai girl accompanying Charlie said the British lad was not involved in the fight but was an unintended victim.

Superintendent of Patong Police Station in Phuket, Police Colonel Chalermchai Hernsawat, said police had identified the perpetrators, who were believed to be a group of Thais. An investigation team is seeking the suspects for questioning.

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