A scandalous Ukrainian woman with Portuguese citizenship who has appeared in Phuket incident reports from time to time has been fined by the Phuket Tourism Court.

The Phuket Provincial Tourism Court has fined a 30-year-old Ukrainian-born woman with Portuguese citizenship who has repeatedly caused disturbances in Phuket province. The woman’s elderly parents flew to Thailand to return Nadia to her homeland, the Khaosod publication reported.

A tourist from Ukraine arrived with her belongings and a small dog at a hotel in Rawai, where she took a sofa in the lobby and went to sleep

A Ukrainian with Portuguese citizenship, 30-year-old Nadia, was constantly in the news for her inappropriate behaviour: for example, the woman booked a taxi to go to a hotel on Rawai and refused to pay upon arrival, threatening the taxi driver with a knife, which the frightened taxi driver immediately reported to the police.

In addition, Nadia slapped an airport employee, rode the bus without paying, and slept on a sofa in the hotel lobby. When the Ukrainian was asked to leave, Nadia went to live in a neighbouring hotel and again refused to pay.

Earlier, an investigator took Nadia into custody at the Phuket Provincial Court. The court found that the defendant had a mental disorder and sent the woman to Suan Saranrom Hospital for treatment until the defendant’s condition improved, according to the attending doctor, to act as a defendant in the case. The Phuket Provincial Prosecutor then filed a lawsuit against the defendant.

The Phuket Provincial Court announced the verdict in Nadia’s case, finding the Ukrainian guilty of:

  • Destroying property.
  • Using a knife to attack people at a hotel in Chalong.
  • Endangering people’s life, health, liberty, reputation or property.
  • Creating fear and intimidating people.

The court sentenced Nadia to six months in prison.

However, the Ukrainian confessed to what she had done, which benefited the trial. Considering that the defendant had already compensated the damage to the victims and had no previous convictions, the court postponed the execution of the sentence for two years.

A 30-year-old Ukrainian native with Portuguese citizenship has repeatedly caused unrest in Phuket province

On the day of sentencing, the defendant’s parents travelled from abroad to hear the court’s decision. Nadia’s parents paid the fine in full and are ready to return the defendant to her home country.

This case is one of those for which the Phuket Provincial Court has opened a particular tourism case unit to handle criminal and civil disputes. It also coordinates with relevant agencies to help tourists protect their legal rights and strictly punish offenders.

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