Phuket officials are demanding the visa of a foreigner accused of assaulting a woman be cancelled, even though the visa already expires in 6 days.

Phuket authorities have sent a formal request to the Royal Thai Police Immigration Bureau asking it to cancel the residence permit of Swiss expatriate Urs Fehr, founder and owner of the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park in Cherng Talay, accused of assaulting a woman.

Phuket Deputy Governor Satttha Thongkham confirmed sending a formal request to the Immigration Bureau at a task force meeting set up by Governor Sophon Suwannarat to look into any inappropriate behaviour by foreigners and take urgent corrective action, Khaosod reported.

Deputy Governor Sattah said that the committee had submitted the request along with documents detailing the behaviour of the Swiss expatriate. Specifically, how the foreigner allegedly beat up a female doctor for trespassing on the villa’s private property.

“At the moment, officials have collected the evidence and handed it over to Phuket’s immigration office along with a request to cancel the foreigner’s visa and permit to stay in the Kingdom,” Vice Governor Sattah said.

“If the criminal process results are received, further information will be forwarded to the subcommittee for consideration,” Sattah added.

A Swiss national has been charged with assault in connection with the incident. However, the man denies the charges, claiming that the physical contact with the injured female doctor was not intentional but due to the man tripping on the steps.

Vice Governor Satta confirmed that Phera’s current permit to stay in Thailand expires next Wednesday, 13 March.

Officials are also continuing to investigate the elephant park run by Pher and the park’s status as a foundation, Vice Governor Sattah noted.

The steps in front of Fer’s rented luxury villa on Yamu Beach, on which a female doctor and her friend were sitting at the time of the incident, have been removed as they were built illegally on public land.

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