Two Russian nationals have been caught red-handed in a police operation in Phuket. The women have been charged with providing sexual favours.

Phuket police have arrested two Russian women, aged 18 and 23, on charges of prostitution. A police investigation confirmed that the girls were secretly involved in selling sexual favours, Khaosod reported.

The undercover policeman arranged via WhatsApp messenger to meet the Russian women in a hotel room for an agreed fee of 13,000 baht to each girl plus 1,000 baht for travelling expenses; police said some details of the operation.

At 10.30 pm, an undercover officer who met the Russian woman disguised as a client gave a tentative signal to colleagues waiting in ambush to begin the operation. The police officers arrived, entered the room, and arrested the “night butterflies”.

Police searched the hotel room of the Russian woman in Patong

Police found that the arrested women were Russian citizens: 19-year-old Anna Britousova and 23-year-old Olga Puchkova. During a search of the visitors’ hotel room in Patong, the following items were confiscated from the women and seized as evidence.

Anna, 18, had a black shoulder bag containing 14 1,000 baht notes totalling 14,000 baht. Olga, 23, had a black and white shoulder bag containing 13 1,000 baht notes.

After the search, officials took the female suspects and the seized evidence to the Patong police station for questioning. The Russian women have been charged with illegal prostitution.

By the policies of the National Police Chief and the regional commander, a meeting of Phuket province police station chiefs issued a warning about foreigners coming to commit offences in Phuket province, including illegal work and prostitution.

Officers are ordered to strictly follow legal procedures in this area, such as forcing foreigners to provide information. If foreigners commit offences, take action immediately.

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