Police told the Area 39 nightclub in Pattaya to stop any music, turn on the lights and check IDs after a 19-year-old female customer had reportedly used a false ID to gain entry.

Pattaya Police conducted a comprehensive inspection of service and entertainment establishments in the city in an effort to enforce public safety policies. The initiative was carried out in accordance with the Commander’s policy to prevent illegal activities, especially underage drinking and the operation of unlicensed establishments.

The target of the raid was the Area 39 nightclub on Pattaya’s Third Road, where more than 100 people were found inside.

A 19-year-old girl with a fake ID was found during the identity check. The venue’s management claimed she had used a fake ID to gain entry. The venue manager was summoned for questioning in a preliminary investigation led by police Colonel Aphinant Boonyarat.

The manager of the club faces three charges: operating without a licence, selling alcohol outside legal hours and allowing persons under the age of 20 to enter the premises.

Authorities have warned all operators of Pattaya’s service and entertainment venues that random inspections will continue and that any offenders will face severe legal consequences.

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