A tragic incident occurred at a popular resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at 7.30 am yesterday when a newly built balcony collapsed, injuring several guests.

Rescue teams from Ban Waen and Hang Dong quickly responded to the incident at Rom Mai Ruean Ngam Resort, located behind Tambon Ban Waen in Hang Dong district of Chiang Mai province.

Upon arrival, rescuers discovered that the second-floor balcony, which had recently undergone expansion work, had collapsed, and approximately 13 people had been injured. The injured guests were in pain.

The rescue and emergency medical teams immediately responded and took the injured guests to nearby hospitals for emergency medical care.

The cause of the collapse is currently under investigation by Hang Dong police. The incident has raised concerns about building safety regulations and enforcement of construction standards, especially in tourist-heavy areas where the influx of visitors requires strict safety measures.

As the investigation continues, the community awaits answers and hopes for a solution that will prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety of residents and visitors to Thailand’s busy tourist destinations.

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