Mikhail, 34, who came from Russia, allegedly committed suicide. A man’s body was found hanged in a grove near Soi Thepprasit 9 in Pattaya.

On Sunday, March 10, officers at the Pattaya Police Station received a report that a body of a foreign male was found in a grove near Soi Thepprasit 9, Khaosod reports.

Police officers, along with tourist police and rescue workers, went to the scene. After going 20-30 metres into the grove, the police officers saw the body of a hanged foreign man. There was a mobile phone in the pocket of his jeans and a bottle of water nearby. No identification documents were found.

The body of a hanged Russian man is found in a grove near a tree near Soi Thepprasit 9

Police investigated and found that the deceased – 34-year-old Mikhail – was a Russian citizen. The man arrived in Thailand without a visa on January 20, 2024, and could stay there until April 18. The body has been sent for autopsy to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Police Hospital in Bangkok.

Chusak Saetiao, 46, who lives nearby and reported the discovery to police, said a shocked motorbike taxi driver came running to him at around 8 am to say he had found the body of a foreigner in the forest. Before calling the police, Chusak went to the site of the find to see the incident for himself.

After finding out that it was no joke, Chusak contacted the authorities. The man had not met this foreigner before, although foreigners walk down this alley daily. Most of them are Russian. On Saturday night, around 9 or 10 o’clock, Chusak heard dogs barking but did not pay attention or go out to look.

Police examined CCTV cameras near the scene and found footage that showed a foreign man entering the grove at 3:38 am. The man switched on a torch on his mobile phone and walked into the grove holding a water bottle in his left hand before stepping back out. However, a minute later, the Russian returned to the grove and did not return.

After a forensic medical examination, officials, together with the tourist and immigration police, will determine the cause of death and notify the Russian embassy of the results of the investigation.

CCTV cameras near the scene of the incident showed that the Russian entered the grove on 10 March 2024 at 3:38am

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