Two Russians have been arrested for running an illegal beauty clinic in Koh Samui. The owner of the clinic has been charged with violating the Hospital Act.

During a signal check, Samui Island police arrested two Russians caught red-handed while working at an illegal beauty clinic operating out of a hotel room. The Naewna newspaper reported that the clinic’s clients include Thais and foreigners.

Surat Thani, provincial immigration investigators, launched the probe after receiving a tip-off from an informant that a foreigner was illegally running ALSPA Beauty Clinic, operating as a medical facility in Samui island’s Bo Phut district.

The illegal clinic operates under the guise of a medical facility and offers many treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. However, this type of service should be strictly controlled as it is life-threatening.

Police officers also discovered that the illegal clinic’s services were widely advertised on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram*, posting photos of foreigners caring for the clinic’s clients.

Having established that the medical facility was not registered anywhere, the police discovered during further investigation that the illegal clinic belonged to a 41-year-old Russian woman named Yulia. According to a list of shifts and orders, the clinic employs many foreigners who take turns performing various cosmetic procedures on clients.

During an inspection of the hotel room where the clinic was located, police found 35-year-old Alexander and 32-year-old Lilia performing cosmetic and muscle procedures on the faces of foreign clients.

Alexander showed his work permit as the company’s general director providing domestic services. Lilia did not have a work permit to work in Thailand at all.

Various medical equipment, including a centrifuge, syringes of multiple sizes, cosmetics stored in a refrigerator and cupboard, client record cards, tariffs for services, and dangerous and controlled drugs without labels in Thai, were found in the hotel room.

Lilia is charged with working without a work permit, and Alexander is charged with working in an illegal occupation.

Julia is charged with running a health facility without a licence, violating the Hospital Act and distributing pharmaceuticals without a permit.

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