Phuket police have arrested three Russian nationals for an illegal car rental business and one for an unlawful currency exchange shop.

Provincial police officers investigated Phuket province and identified Russian nationals illegally running an illegal car rental business without the necessary permits, Khaosod reports.

As a result of the investigation, Phuket police arrested three Russians – Stepan, 38, Dmitry, 34, and Roman, 43 – at the Boomerang Car & Bike Rental company in Phuket’s Thalang district.

During a search of the company’s office, police seized evidence including:

A HIKVISION brand video surveillance server

Four sets of car hire agreements, two sheets each

Two sheets of documents with employee work schedules

Four sheets of documents with car rental rates.

Copies of certification letters. Company registration – 21 sheets

The investigators found that the company rented cars and motorbikes to tourists. The car rental was managed by foreigners, including the managing director, who hired foreign workers without work permits.

During the investigation, the police found that foreign visitors—potential clients of the car rental company—were constantly coming in and out of the company’s office. Two foreigners are sitting at a workstation in the office. On the desk is a computer and numerous papers to assist customers in completing car rental paperwork. The foreign employees are counselling the customers who have applied to the company.

The managing director, Stepan, is accused of hiring foreigners without work permits. Rental employees Dmitry and Roman were charged with not having work permits required for foreign workers in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Phuket tourist police arrested another Russian national, 37-year-old Andrey, who illegally opened a currency exchange office called Money Station in Thalang district. The Russian has also been charged with needing a work permit to work in Thailand, as the permit presented was found to be expired.

Yesterday, it was reported that two Russian nationals were detained in Phuket for providing paid sexual services. The girls were caught red-handed during a controlled buy conducted by an undercover police officer. The Russian women have been charged with illegal prostitution.
Russians arrested for illegal business in Phuket.

Money Station currency exchange office operating illegally

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