A Swiss pensioner in Thailand’s Trang province brutally beat a Thai woman for making a harmless remark after an accidental confrontation in a shop.

Another altercation occurred between a foreigner and a Thai woman in Trang province in southern Thailand. The Swiss man attacked the Thai woman, breaking her nose and knocking out a tooth at a Big C supermarket. Khaosod reported that the injured woman required emergency hospitalisation.

The injured woman’s son, 25-year-old Kritphong Khikkham, along with other family members, reported to Trang Tourist Police that a foreigner from Switzerland attacked and seriously injured a 53-year-old woman at the Big C shopping centre in Trang.

According to Kritphong, the mother developed a nerve disease as a result of having a tooth extracted incorrectly. As a result, the mother will have to undergo treatment for some time. The woman has to use a walker as she moves around with difficulty.

The woman went shopping at Big C supermarket, accidentally bumping into a foreign man who almost fell after the collision. The woman roared in English, “Be polite, you must.”

However, the innocuous phrase caused the man to become aggressive and resentful. The foreigner started swearing and shouting, then went to the woman and hit her in the face four times with his fist. After that, he turned round and walked away.

At this point, the outraged woman threw a water bottle at the Swiss, but it did not hit her. The foreigner returned, grabbed the woman by the neck and hit her again, knocking her head hard into the ground. As a result, Kritphong’s mother was seriously injured. The woman has bruises and blood on her face.

The supermarket staff called rescue workers and rushed the woman to the emergency department of Trang Hospital. The woman has a broken nose, swollen eyelids and back pain. Doctors will conduct a second comprehensive examination.

Patrol police later escorted Straumann, a 62-year-old Swiss man, to Trang police station for questioning. However, the Swiss refused to answer questions or provide any information.

The suspect, 62-year-old Swiss man Straumann 62, refused to state Trang police station

According to immigration officials, Straumann arrived in Thailand and applied for a retirement visa to live in the kingdom after retirement. The man renewed the visa on 28 October 2023 and is due to renew again on 14 November 2024.

Police examined CCTV cameras in the hypermarket but found no video footage of the incident. However, several eyewitnesses in the shop witnessed the incident and are willing to testify.

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