Thai police have charged a Russian national with assault after a Russian woman kicked a pregnant Thai woman in response to a request to take her shoes off in a shop.

Police on Phangan Island in Thailand have filed assault charges against a Russian national who kicked a pregnant Thai woman. Although the Russian woman apologised for her inappropriate behaviour, the Thai woman chose to press formal charges, Khaosod reports.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of 18 March. Sathika, a pregnant 34-year-old Thai woman, was working in her own natural products shop on Phangan Island when a foreign woman walked into the shop wearing shoes and holding a cup of coffee. A sign on the shop’s front door stated that shoes could not enter.

CCTV footage shows a Russian woman entering the shop on 18 March 2024

Satika explained to the foreign woman in English that shoes were not allowed in the shop, and she was not allowed to bring outside drinks and snacks to the premises. However, the foreign woman ignored the shopkeeper. The pregnant woman repeated the request, to which the foreign woman replied that the shoes were not dirty.

When Satika continued to insist that the visitor take off her shoes, the Russian woman kicked the annoying pregnant woman twice on her correct foot, causing minor abrasions. After which, the foreign woman left.

Satika immediately went to the police station to report the egregious incident and posted a photo of the foreign woman from the shop’s CCTV camera on social media, hoping to identify the foreign woman.

Phangan police and immigration authorities identified the aggressive foreign woman as a 41-year-old Russian national named Alyona. The Russian was invited to the police station for questioning, where the woman admitted to kicking Sathika.

Alyona apologised to Satika, who accepted the apology but insisted that the police press formal charges against the foreigner. Which the police were happy to do, charging Alena with assault.

Russian woman apologises to Thai woman at police station 19 March 2024

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