Two New Zealanders have been arrested in Phuket for assaulting a policeman and taking possession of a service pistol after refusing to comply with lawful police demands.

Two New Zealanders have been arrested in Phuket after assaulting a police officer and taking possession of a service weapon when the traffic-violating foreigners were stopped for speeding on motorbikes.

The arrested tourists from New Zealand, siblings Hamish Day, 36, and Oscar Day, 38, entered Thailand on 11 March and were allowed to stay in the kingdom until 9 April. Tourists from New Zealand enter Thailand without a visa for 30 days.

Before their arrest, the brothers were speeding on motorbikes in a Chalong public place and did not stick to the left side of the road, media reported, citing a statement from Chalong police station.

Traffic Police Lieutenant Somsak Nu-Iad, who was patrolling the station, demanded that the offenders stop, but instead, the brothers only sped up and tried to flee. The traffic police officer started chasing the offenders. When the police officer caught up with the fugitives, the foreigners raised a ruckus and threw the officer to the ground, who began recording the incident on his mobile phone.

During the scuffle, one of the brothers snatched a service pistol from Lieutenant Somsak and handed the weapon to his brother. Although a gunshot occurred during the struggle, no one was injured.

Video of the incident shows the man and the police officer struggling over the gun. The man then snatches the gun and hands it to another nearby man. The photo released to the media also shows the man leaning over the police officer with his arm around his neck. Another man with a gun stands next to them.

A photograph published by the media shows a man crouching down and wrapping his arms around a police officer’s neck

The resisting New Zealanders were only arrested after reinforcements arrived. Immediately after the arrest, the men tried to bribe the police but were refused,” said Chalong police station chief.

Lieutenant Somsak, who sustained minor injuries to his hands and fingers, will receive a reward. And the brothers face charges of robbery, obstructing police duties, assaulting a police officer, driving without a licence and bribery, the Bangkok Post reported.

Police will ask the Phuket Provincial Court for permission to detain the New Zealanders further while officers investigate the case. Police will oppose a possible bail application by defence lawyers because the defendants could be out on bail without having a permanent address in Thailand.

The New Zealand brothers will also be blacklisted in Thailand as police are set to take the most robust possible action following the shocking attack on a traffic police officer in Phuket.

The immigration police chief in Phuket has already been instructed to blacklist the New Zealand brothers in Thailand and ban entry for Oscar Day, 36. Hamish Day, 34, after the conclusion of the trial against the brothers, said deputy national police chief Gen Surachat Hakparn, adding that the brothers will never be allowed into Thailand again.

The arrested brothers’ parents, millionaires Lawrence and Katrina Day, are business owners and property tycoons in New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald reported.

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